Richard W. Conte

Richard W. Conte

Writer. Editor.

Richard Conte is a graduate of Rutgers University. He is a former Design & Trend news reporter. Richard previously interned at Maxim Magazine and Thrillist Media.

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Open uri20130927 29825 hd9gwr article

Ice scraping has never been geekier

After severing the arms of several Wampas on the planet Hoth, the people at Think Geek decided to help you...

Open uri20130927 29825 1ssdxof article

An ultra-useful multitool that fits in your wallet

The PocketMonkey's a handy, primate-shaped, stainless steel TSA-approved multitool that not only boasts a dozen different…...

Open uri20130927 29825 19e2hoh article

Turn your iPad into a laptop in seconds

A spectacularly useful new i-cessory, the DOCKr's a durable, lightweight, folio-sized plastic rig that not only serves as a…...

Open uri20130927 29825 1iivjr article

This phone case stands out from the rest

Never look at your iPhone the same way with the VarioClear 5 from ZeroChroma....

Open uri20130927 29825 9rjvam article

Back your phone in an original piece of art

Stand out from the InCase'd masses with a uniquely arted-up phone sheath from Brush, whose artist in residence turns out…...

Open uri20130927 29825 1xozhe8 article

Make snoozing your alarm a little tougher

Not just a sexily designed digital clock, the Flip's alarm can only be snoozed by physically turning the entire gadget...